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"She’s just the sun. And she’s got such depth, she can do anything, you know, she’s magic."

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I’m re-watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and my thoughts are still the same. They could’ve ended the film in three different places, and instead they chose the ending they went with. Maybe if they chose where I would’ve ended this film, instead of rushing too much in this film, they would know what to do with the third installment. Just saying. Being a screenwriting student is so hard, just let me in the business already.

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Happy Birthday to my hero and inspiration as an actor, Andrew Garfield. Thank you for giving me hope when it seemed like none was left. Thank you for teaching me to be braver, and that a hero lies within us all.

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"It’s about remembering someone who was so important to me,
                            I was going to spend the rest of my life with her…
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'It's me. It's me Peter, and I'm sorry.'
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 deleted scene

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